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Renewable Energy & Air Pollution Connection: Energy Density & Emission Intensity

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I learned that we need to build model as simple as possible, using measurement that easy to understood. There would be no universal model that explain in “unity of knowledge” or “theory of everything” style. But, at certain point, it is very helpful to have such simple explanation.

For example, here is two important measurement ref:
Density: Space Dimension
Energy Density: Amount of energy per region of space (volume, mass, area)
Emission Density: Amount of Emission per region of space (volume, mass, area)
Emission Intensity: Amount of CO2 per energy generated: Impact Dimension

1. Deforestation ref, ref, ref
Deforestation contributes 6–17% of global anthropogenic CO2 emissions to the atmosphere (Baccini et al, 2012)
Brazil and Indonesia has 35% of total carbon stored in tropical forests.
Deforestration 2000-2010 estimated to be 1 PgC/year (~Indonesia 10% tropical forest, 10 TgC/year)
Indonesia Deforestation Rate 0.8 million ha / year
Brazil Deforestation rate 0.4 million ha / year
Emission Intensity: Forestry Residue: 38 kg Co2e/Mwh 90% coal, 83% gas
Emission Density: 10TgC/0.8 million ha / year
Energy Density: 0 – depend on the forest product

2. Forest Fire
1982 Forest Fire ref
Size: 3.5 million ha

1997 Forest Fire (Page et al, 2002)
Size: 6.8 million ha
Emission: 2.5 Gt C02

2015 Forest Fire
Size: 4.2 million ha (GOI), 2.6 million ha (WB)
Emission: 1.0 Gt CO2 (WRI)
Cost: $16 b (WB)

Indonesia Forest
Indonesia Forest Size 98 million ha ref
Deforestration rates 99 million ha in 32 years
Logging 0.8 billion cubit feet per year (official ministry of forestry)
Illegal Logging: 1.8 billion cubit feet per year
Total Logging: 2.6 billion cubit feet per year

Emission Density: 1 Gt CO2 / 4.2 million ha

3. Tambora 1815 Volcanic Activity
Size: 1,2 km deep of Caldera
Energy: 1.4 x 10E20 Joule (25% of annual energy consumption) (ref)
Mass: 150 Gt Magma, 60 Tg Sulfur, 100 Tg chlorine (as HCl), 70 Tg fluorine
Volume: 175 km 3 Volcanic Ash
Co2 Emission: very small (ref USGS), (ref),

4. Palm Oil Plantation
Palm Oil Plantation Area 2011 7.8 million ha ref


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Januari 22, 2016 pada 5:43 am

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  1. Ulasan yang bagus dari Triharyo Indrawan Susilo, ex dirut REKIN. skrg dia ditunjuk Presiden sbg PMO Pembangunan Kilang Minyak dan Infrastruktur Migas lainnya yg dibiayai Negara.

    Januari 22, 2016 at 10:20 am

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