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Biogeochemistry and Physics: Geochemistry + Geophysics

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Any environment related study such as biogeochemistry start to explanation with an event happened in 3.5 billion of years ago, which are the oxygen creation via photosynthesis. This event is very important as it then change the earth atmosphere which then support the life on earth. Cyanobacteria responsible to make this event happenned.

Meanwhile, a geology (and energy) related study such as Coal or Petroleum Geological study usually begin with the event on 0.3 billion of years ago during Carboniferus era (or 0.5 – 0.2 billion of years ago Paleozoic era). The geology study then continue to understand the plate tecnotics movement, which can help to answer question like “Why so much oil in the middle east” or “Why earth coal made all at once”

The different perspective (in popular term) that used between environment and geology (and energy) study is because of the different objective of this study. Environment tend to focus with Chemical aspect (Geochemistry), where earth is seen as natural chemical reaction (Schlesinger 2013) and Oxygen is the most important thing in our life. While energy focusing Geophysics where extraction of natural resources is be a priority.

From science perspective, all this two different perspective has no difference. It can answer question on Why coal more polluting than oil, or why fossil fuel is not from dead dinosaur.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Januari 24, 2016 pada 12:24 pm

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