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Decision Making vs Problem Solving

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A wicked problem is a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements that are often difficult to recognize

Wicked Problem

We live in simple world, everything need to be define, in situation that things not defined, we need to understand what is the common understanding of the terms and definition. As thing have tendency to get more complex, and we have biased to make it seem complicated (see cognitive bias). Let say for the simple one, what is the difference between Problem Solving vs Decision Making.

Simple Day to Day Perspective
A supervisor might says that his staff work is overload, then the supervisor change the approach to be more efficient -that’s problem solving. However after change the approach, the work overload still appear, so the supervisor tell his manager of the implication of this overload trend. The management then meet his client and says that the project will be discounted as it delayed -that’s decision making. This illustration, might simply to ilustrate the rules in the office. The definition might be incorrect, but it works, the team manage project effectively.

Business Process Consultant Perspective
From Process Consultant perspective, the difference between decision making and problem solving is very clear. At the beginning, consultant need to define the term definition, and used it consistently for entire project. For example, in company level, portfolio/project is C-level concern, change is on manager level and problem is on operational level. The decision making can be used in any layer. Decision making is not a process.

Formal Science (Computer Science) Perspective
Tower of Hanoi problem is classic example on Algorithm and Data Structure Course, a mandatory in computer science undergraduate. Problem is simply something related with algorithm. While decision making is more complex artificial related, DSS is one of the classic application.

Psychology / Behavioral Perspective
Psychology perspective is as same as complicated as computer science perspective. It has root in Critical Thinking to Bloom Taxonomy. The application can be in Economy study, just like what Herbert Simon or Daniel Kahneman did


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Januari 25, 2016 pada 5:20 pm

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