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You can not fight stereotype (and life)

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Framing: Everyone react on stereotype according to neuroscience
Argument: Stereotype is not bad, its just a bad joke

Some says stereotype is bad we need to fight, other says stereotype is just for fun nothing todo. In my opinion, stereotype is simply we can not fight it. For example when people says that Iphone is better than Xiaomi, it is a stereotype model that far hardwired before the brand, marketing or experience concept that taught in business school around the world. In Indonesia case for example, a school alumni might have a very strong stereotype, developed through reunion, written in newspaper, affecting career decision and public image.

Is it bad? for someone who get benefited from that stereotype is not bad at all, but with someone that underprivileged because of the stereotype it is bad. Some people might work very hard to fight that stereotype, join networking event, prove theirself by making an achievement, promote their university alumni everything he goes.

A family portrait in Indonesia for example, father is leader, mother is family taker, first children has better managerial skill, youngest children is the lazy guy. Is it bad? do you need to fight this stereotype all the day? no.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Januari 25, 2016 pada 5:28 am

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