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How to Predict the Future

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The Bad, the one that annoying
Most of the time, 99% of my sudden burst or suddenly appear idea is wrong. For example, once I have an idea to learn foreign language such as chinese (2010), russian (2015) or even german (2003) and arabic (2002). But instead of remove that idea, I usually challenge it, spend a couple of time. But the result is failed. This sudden idea is very bad, because it was time consuming. What make it worst in real life prediction from train late arrival to presidential candidate.

The Ugly, the one that usually take less than a year
A successfull idea is the one that keep challenged for at the latest one year, before it sustain. Golf (2008) is one of bad example, it interesting, keep challenged for long duration, around less than one year, later decided that golf regardless any possibility or opportunity is not successful idea. Another bad example is Stock Investment (2009) also failed, Youtube Video (2014) bad idea. Opening restaurant (2012) failed. The Ugly is not as bad as The Bad. Because unlike the Bad which only a distraction. The ugly has a benefit, it provide a lesson.

The Good, the one with always a question mark
The good example? well certification is a result of more than one year commitment. But to have more balance view, inside the certification pursuit process, there are a lot of failure and mistake that I made. Inside the The Good, there is alsway inseparatable The Bad and The Ugly. For example CIA certification (2012) which is failed, or learning strategy of CIA which is also failed.

So how to predict the future? well we can’t. The one that we can do is eliminate all The Bad, selecting The Ugly and works hard for The Good. 290 words


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Januari 27, 2016 pada 5:41 am

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