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Read as much as possible, extract as small as possible

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Learning means to read as much as possible and to extract as small as possible. In bahasa we can say “Orang belajar tidak perlu setinggi-tingginya, yang penting adalah mengamalkan sebanyak-banyaknya” or in another version but has the same meaning “Orang pintar menjelaskan yang rumit dengan mudah, orang bodoh menjelaskan yang mudah dengan rumit”. So the task is simple, you read as much as possible, and regularly challenge the idea extraction. Well it remind me on something a bit similar on “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men” John Dalberg

I feel good today, most of things can be measured, from number of post to duration (indication) of time. Develop a model and compute it for 4 years, we will get the results. I feel that I am better knowledge organized now. Still need a time to compile it in the structured manner. Now I know the challenge that I will face.

Knowing something just one thing, knowing a lot of thing just one thing, but the most important is how it change our thinking (reasoning). Well, in the past I write something like the rationality of human, where right now I realize that the recent model is on the naturality of human. Another example, in the past I learn that I thought majority of Indonesian Power Plant is based on Hydro, which makes my understanding of Indonesian energy as incorrect.

  1. Understanding our weakness
    But the lesson of that story is not about energy, but it is about how myself is usually making incorrect understanding of everything, so we need to be very careful in making confirmation or statement. There is always possibility that our understanding is wrong, and there is of course possibility that another people will misuse our misunderstanding. At last never forget that no one can predict the future.

  2. The importance to have performance (to correcting mistake)
    Reading the timeline I made, I realize, as previously stated that I am making so many mistake. But the things that I am proud of myself is the speed for me to get recovered (hopefully getting better and better in the future).


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Januari 27, 2016 pada 5:42 am

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