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Perfect Problem need Perfect Imagination?

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Knowledge Discovery
When I start to study about energy it require almost 13 month to realize that it is almost impossible to know the exact potential energy that we have. Following the discovery of “impossibility” I need like 7 month to realize that environment research require a specific measurement in certain location. So either I measure the air pollution condition in one city only e.g Jakarta or by measure potential energy in one technology only e.g solar PV.

Well, I think its both stupid and sad.
The 13 month and 7 month period is impossible to minimized.
It is like learn to ride a bike, for one year trial and error, I discovered that there is a brake in bicycle. A very fundamental discovery, which change my riding style.

When I see flashback, I already knows this “impossibility” long a time ago. The indication is that there is no exact number of potential energy, for example in GOI, MEMR, MOF report, the amount of potential energy is different. My assumption, that it could be because of bureucratic government, or lack of research is totally wrong, but now I realize that is not because of bureucratic/admin things. Even world class research will provide different results.

My Discovery Rates
9 years, book rating system, improve my reading ability, (Unbelievable slow)
2 years, forrester/gartner to scopus/scholar switching, (Slow)
13 month, journal rating system
13 month, potential energy knowledge (D1)
4 month, indonesia as perspective (D2)
3 (7) month, environment spatial contextual awareness (D3)

So at this moment, I am expecting another discovery, which basically a counter attack of my ignorant. Let see, how many heart attack that I could get.

What makes me worry
Is it methodological error, take makes me worry. I am not worry with negative results. For example, if my study indicated that we need to build more expensive solar PV because geothermal is even more expensive -which is data error in putting size of area. But I am worry that I argued that we need to build more expensive solar PV because I did not consider (forest fire) -which is methodological error.

And speaking of ignorant, history said that my degree of ignorant on certain important, clearly written fact is infinite, duh.

Well technically there is million of possibility to have methodological error. The one that I can do is to limit the study control as rigid as possible.

What makes me even worrier
The discovery of impossibility is by accidentally, in one of very early morning wake up, I realized that some data might incorrectly represented because of I did not check at that section. Is not as heroic as Flemming discovery of Penicillin. Really, I am just afraid making big fundamental mistake.

Let’s hope


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Januari 28, 2016 pada 5:11 pm

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