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Count, Do We Need to Read a Book ?

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Average people will read around 250 word per minute or one novel page per minute. A novel usually consist of 200 page which in total would be 50,000 word, in average a novel will be finished in 3 hours. Writing is longer, the average computer writing is 30 word per minute, for composition it could be 20 word.

So in theory, a 50,000 word novel can be written in 40 hours or in one week working hours.

But in reality only Agatha Christie that can write one novel per year, total producing more than 60 novel. The seriously amateur writer might need three year to write it.

Why it took so long to finish a book?
1. Writing measured in time, (a word per minute is just additional)
2. Writing is creative process

Writing is a project, different than reading. In reading, performance can be measured in word per minute. But in writing, performanced measured in time, not in the word.

For example writing 60,000 word novel argument.
a. In 6 month rate, means that 10,000 word per month, if its 6 chapter, it would be 500 word per days.
b. In 3 month, means that 20,000 word per month, it would be around 1000 word per days.

In the writing perspectives, the best writing is the one that finished. Sometimes, people have great idea, but it is difficult to write it down.

So my final question, how long it need to write a book?
With full time commitment, I think it need three years to write a finished book. From idea generation (novelty) to translate the idea into written form.

Book is expensive
David and Goliath (Gladwell, 2014) sold in Amazon £ 7.5, in Kinokuniya is Rp 130,000, Indonesian translation version in Gramedia is Rp 60,000. A book is 3 times more expensive than a KFC or even 6 times more expensive than normal street gawker food


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Januari 30, 2016 pada 1:18 pm

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