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Energy and Air Pollution

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A. Pricing
Energy pricing is indirect tool for reducing emissions, attractiveness of this tool depend on cost of monitoring and enforcement. An analysis of various energy type (electricity, coal, diesel, natural gas) with respect to various pollutant (TSP, SOX, NOX, VOC, CO) indicated that there is a relation of energy composition and pollutant composition, which can be argued that there is a model/tool that can reduced the pollution with main consideration: price (Eskeland, 1994, World Bank)

Pollutant: Various (TSP, SOX, NOX, VOC, CO)
Finding/background (indirect related with research): Fossil fuel is cheap, electricity is expensive
Conclusion: Certain fuel has bigger pollutant
Implications: To reduce pollution (to encouraged people use cleaner energy) subsidy given to clean energy.

B. Social Cost Damage
Energy Sector (4): Oil & Gas Extraction, Coal Mining, Electricity Generation, Oil Refineries

C. Health Impact
Pollutant: PM
Conclusion: fossil fuel is threatning health
Implications: To reduce pollution, we need to use an energy that has lower impact with health


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Februari 7, 2016 pada 6:52 am

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