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What is Research

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Research is investigation, same as audit as examination, same as police doing questioning, or judge doing interrogation or consultant asking something. The purpose is to know something, to gain a knowledge. Research can be done from book, interview or observation.

Research is a project in a sense of temporary, limited by time. For example, a chef that want to make new cake recipe, need to do research by reading a book, attend conference, visit another restaurant or give questionnaire. However, a chef that making cake, everyday is not doing a research, he is doing operational work.

A research has several purpose
a. To understand the subject
In nature we need to understand most important things such as fire, wood, air and water. To make a fire we need a wood, start with small twig and continue to bigger one.

b. To understand the relationship
Air makes fire bigger, water is bad for fire

c. To understand the impact
Air makes fire bigger by 20%, wet wood will slow the fire by 30%

d. To understand that something works (To make something e.g applied: engineering and medicine)
The last, research is to make something, which is grey area between science and applied science.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 8, 2016 pada 10:08 am

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