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A Never Ending Economic Debate: Econometric Accounting Perspective

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At the end, from a country point of view, the most important indicator is economic growth. For example to achieve 6.2% growth there are several perspective (highlight, its perspective, not strategy)

A. Output
a. Structure of Output
Agriculture 14%, Industry 44%, Sevices 42%

b. Growth of Output
Agriculture 3%, Industry 4.9%, Services 8.4%

B. Demand
a. Structure of Demand
Household Consumption 55%, Government Spending 9%, Domestic Investment 31% (Export 24%, Import 22%)

b. Growth of Demand
Household 4.7%, Government 5.5%, Investment 8.8% (Export 15%, Import 17%)

C. Elasticity
Public Expenditure and Economy Growth (Education, Health, Infrastructure, Energy, Housing)
e.g 1% public expenditure will increase GDP by zillion times.

How to argue with this number?
Well, there is quadrillion argument that can be made by using this number based on the centillion interest, let see for the example:
1. Our agriculture sector is low, we need to subsidize this
2. Our education expenditure is low, we need to subsidize this
3. Our export is low, we need to subsidize this sector

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Februari 9, 2016 pada 12:25 pm

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