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What is Science

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Science is organization of knowledge and research is processs to get new knowledge. At the very basic level, knowledge is explanation of something. So science is simply an explanation.

Science Perspective

A. Process Perspective (Knowledge Acquisition)
From process or knowledge perspective, science can be divided by two parts:

a. Empirical Science, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering, Medicine
b. Non Empirical Science (Formal Science) e.g Math, Stat, Computer Science, Econometric, Law, Philosophy, Risk Management.

B. Purpose Perspective (Knowledge Usage)
Unlike process perspective, the purpose perspective is a bit grey. Here is some examples

a. Basic Science (pure, theoretical), focus on develop scientific knowledge and predictions.
b. Applied Science, focus on the development of technology and techniques, to make something. For example,

  • Engineering is applied physics (applied natural science/basic science)
  • Environment Engineering is applied chemistry
  • Petroleum Engineering is applied geology
  • Economy is applied math (applied math/formal science)
  • Economy is applied statistics

C. Body of Knowledge

a. Structured, vector, digital, machinery, project management Body of Knowledge, exact science
b. Semistructured, graphic, analog, art, music, sport, managing project, pseudoscience

What is the best perspective?
Depend :)


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 9, 2016 pada 10:06 pm

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