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The Organization Perspective

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A. Realist Perspective
An organization can be seen from class theory as group of people who has contradicting tendencies. For example manager and staff in the company, manager interest is profit, while staff interest is salary, even if the manager and staff unaware of the clash of interest. However, although it contradicting and people unaware with the potential conflict, people might believe on upward mobility, which is inline with the rational theory.

B. Idealist Perspective
An organization purpose is for collective gain. People from this perspective believe that company is win win solution. Within this perspective, an incentive might improve employee motivation – a rational theory explanation.

Based on this two different perspective, the result is the same. A leader might act like patron for their subordinate. Perspective is just an subjective way of see, which create subjective approach/methodology. The result will be the same, the way it works might be the same.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 11, 2016 pada 5:48 am

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