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What is Perspective?

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To manage business effectivelly (has a result) and efficiently (minimum time and effort), one might have multiple million perspective (ideology) ability, which translated into quadrillion of approach (strategy, method, interpretation).

The result (or goal) might be only one, but the approach might be two contradicting sides, e.g emerging strategy vs deliberate strategy or marxian economics vs classical economics.

A1. The gap between perspective and approach is real
Perspective and approach has no correlations. An emerging strategiest, might prepare a very detail plan – Honda in 1960s prepare very detail. A deliberate planner, might change the approach once they selling performance is unpromising – Google Buzz and million internet company did this.

When a man read a manual/SOP of his life, the action is not based on that book, but his action is pre-defined before he read the book -ask neuroscience on this thing.

A2. To have multiple perspective is luxury
To have multiple perspective is luxury that most of institution could not afford it. The rise of multiple perspective might not be explained as a nature of human behaviour. A perspective of materialism, a dialectic is luxury.

A3. The false consciousness of goal is inherently by nature
Our interpretation of goal is limited. People might simply think from efficiency point of view. An son of an educator which promote equality is a different species than a son of working labor which live to get equality. Its fundamentally different. If you are live in poverty, and you be able to success based on your own effort (merit), you will no longer need to feel the importance of equality. A claim that a person coming from the labor class is invalid, if the labor class itself representing a higher level of caste in their society.

B1 The need of efficiency
Regardless their perspective / ideology, the need of efficiency is cross sectoral. A management expert might believe that organization should minimize investment in staff positions

B2 Power is everything
Regardless the perspective, people is rational in a sense that it has motive, and power is simply the explanation.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 11, 2016 pada 10:51 am

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