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Ikhtiar, Sabar and Tawakkal

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1. Ikhtiar, universal value. Antonym: Give Up, Surrender
Literal: Choose, Select, Prefer
Conceptual: Endeavour (Try hard to do or achieve something), Persistent. Ref: 13:11
Ikhtiar is a concept that everyone agree. Ikhtiar means doing think persistently, doing a hardwork. Playing a game require persistent, achieving something require persistent. Is neutral concept, ikhtiar should be promoted.

2. Sabar, Syukur, Ikhlas: How we interpret (universal value)

a. Sabar, In bad condition how we interpret something negative as something positive. Usually used during negative condition, related with decicion making, how we interpret something bad.
Meaning: Patience, Endurance

b. Syukur (Gratitude), In bad condition how we seek something positive instead something negative. Universal value (related with subjective-well being). On how to see positive side of everything. Generousity, its related with happiness index.

c. Ikhlas, In bad condition how we remove something negative. Usually used to describe something that happen in future, or related with intention.
Meaning: Sincere, Free from Pretence. Ref: 2:271 (in term of Intention)

3. Tawakkal
a. Pasrah
Meaning: Submission (Qada & Qadhar)
Conceptual: Tadhim (veneration, respect), Hubb (Love), Khauf (Fearful) > Raja (Hope)

b. Tawakkal
Literal: Reliance
Conceptual: Trust. Ref: 38 Passages, e.g 65:3, 5:23, 73:9, 25:58, 14:12


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 16, 2016 pada 4:31 pm

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