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Indonesia, Environment and World Bank: China

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I read the historical report of World Bank project in Indonesia -which I start to realize that WB has been in Indonesia for around 60 years. As a business, which main objective to reduce poverty, is sustainable corporation having a working framework and sustainable working model. But as any business, it has competition from Japan JICA or China Development Bank.

China in this case is promising one -it began with economic reform in 1970s. Its effect begin to shown in the end of 2000s, with 2008 Summer Olympics, 2009 2nd largest economy passing Japan. For Indonesia, like or dislike, China is significant trading partner. Because when China economy is good, it means that Indonesia Coal, Raw Material can be exported to China, China can make investment in Indonesia.

China Indonesia relations post 1998 crisis is nothing new. In Telco sector no one can argue the performance of Huawei, although in 2004 its bullied by Telco companies at that time, where Nokia/Ericsson is selected as their BSS/MSS. But now, in just 10 years, we can see the XiaoMi mobile phone is everywhere, chinese student is everywhere. SBY in 2004-2014 also making a number of investment with China, so of course any elected president will do the same. Ref, Ref, Ref

Here is the list of World Bank project in Indonesia in period 1990s, 2000s and probably next 2010s. We can see the shifting from smaller scale (microfinance, cigarette) to larger scale (forest, power sector).

1990s: Japan Era
1994, Transmigration Program ($560 mill)
1995, Pollution Control, Proper
1996, Industrialization Decentralization
1997, Microfinance
2000, Environment Management Plan
2003, Pollution Control, Proper
2005, Cigarette Control
2006, Environment Impact Assessment

2000s: China Era
2007, Power Sector
2009, Environment Governance
2009, Energy & Climate Change
2010, REDD+, Forest
2012, Clean Stove


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 16, 2016 pada 10:27 am

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