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What is Environment and who has its Monopoly

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Round 1: Science vs Humanities: Interdisciplinary
In tradition of standardization, university can be divided by two groups which are science vs social (art). There are some interdisciplinary study such as environment, energy, innovation which mainly from science background and management, business which mainly from social background. There is no strict regulations on this division, especially with the liberalization of education industry, as long as it profitable, then it is correct.

So in this perspective at the beginning environment study is science. It has environment engineering to build waste purification plant for example, it has environment science to understand the atmospheric chemistry.

In other hand, innovation is basically a social studies. It can be technology innovation, social innovation

So what is environment? the safe answers its an interdisciplinary study. Managing environment is an important skills in industry.

Round 2: Capitalism vs Socialism: Neutral Issues
The level of playing field of Environment can be divided on two scales: The small corporate level (capitalism) and the nation level (socialism). In the corporate level, environment issues is simple, as it is a byside unexpected product of industry, it has regulations, environment can be measured by number of amount.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 16, 2016 pada 1:32 pm

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