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NEW – Why Study Philosophy (post TAP)

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A. Computer Science, along with Mathematics and Philosophy is basically formal sciences, require no empirical evidence
Philosophy is the system of logic and argument (epistemology/knowledge), and taxonomy (ontology/classification) (and in addition axiology) ref

a. The Arrogant
Mathematics is the purest science, computer is applied mathematics in technology, while philosophy is applied mathematics in life. Back in my undergraduate years, most of CS student learn about algorithm. Algorithm is the basic course in CS programme. The power of computing system only can be maximized by using algorithm e.g If Then Conditional Statement. Algorithm in another word is Computational Epistemology, a part of Formal Epistemology. The second basic course in CS programme is on database or information system, which related with information classification, taxonomy and ontology. So of course CS has no difference with philosophy, it learn two things: epistemology and ontology

b. The Ignorant
But everything speaks the same language (with different vocabulary, but it means the same). For example, in life, we might say “we have a choice and it has consequences”, it means that we have information and we have logic. In environment we know the different type of pollutant, and we have logic that can conclude that a number of pollutant has trigger the increase temperature in atmosphere. Thermodynamics also works the same way.

B. When Philosophy usefull
“Studying philosophy can greatly improve your critical thinking and writing skills” ref

At the very end is writing skills. It helps a lot with writing skills, it improve a lot to understand things, because we read many things. Philosophy is just a tools to help us explore everything, or to help us in a situation where we stuck solving a problem.

In my example, to help company improve their business. A philosopher might help the company to re-organize its division based on process (marketing, sales, HR) or based on business unit (corporate banking, retail banking) its called taxonomy/ontology. While a philosopher might change the company reporting structure, from centralized to distributed.

C. When Philosophy useless
“Professional philosophers are almost entirely academics” ref

a. Everybody biased in real life situation. I think that anyone goes into real life situation will not going use neutral philosophy approach. For example a computer engineer will use the practical approach, or even a politician will use practical approach. So an argument in media of course biased. Never trust anyone above 30, said Jack Weinberg.

b. To much everything is bad (even evidence). In designing new product, that involve creativity, some critical thinking might works, but too much will be bad. The explanation in corporate world above is might be useful, but too much perspective can be bad.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 16, 2016 pada 9:57 am

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