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Philosophy is useless and so programming

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It was always exciting at the beginning. When we took CS at the first time, every first year student is very proud and happy with their life. Until first laboratory knowing that programming is difficult, until first examination that difficult. Its also getting worse knowing that real life job as programmer is difficult. A lot of us decided not to be programmer, instead becoming an IT officer in big company. Now a lot of us in IT related division, but if being asked about programming, no one like it, and no one should like it.

Programming as knowledge is useful, but when its an applied one, it start to loose its interest again. Working in specific programming language, serving a complicated business transaction in company is not interesting activity anymore. Programming is just a tool, and no one likes the tools.

In job hunting world, the reality is not the skills that you have, but is about which company that you represented in. The bigger the company, the more stable its business operation, and of course its sustainability. Within just 2-3 years, no one will argue your authority based on the programming skills anymore. Everybody will respect your position and the representation made by you.

Well, surprisingly, it also goes the same way with philosophy.

a. Our intelligence is constant
Knowing that we can think induction and deduction, does not mean that we are smarter. Critical thinking only can be used in the ‘debate’ against our opponent. It is the same like martial arts, most of the time we dont need it. Or even its worst than martial arts, because the level of people intelligence is the same. The fact that people can not be change.

b. body of knowledge is increasing
Body of knowledge is increased, but the sky has no limit. There is always, something that we did not know.

c. Doing is more important thank thinking
Well the final truth is: doing is more important.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 17, 2016 pada 3:47 am

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