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Philosophy of Life and why it might be useless

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The most important things in this world always can be traded. If the most important is food, then people will exchange food with something that has equal value. For example exchange rice with fruit, or goat with cow.

What if the most important things is knowledge
Well makes sense, knowledge can be directly materialized e.g graduate certificate to apply for a job. Knowledge also can indirectly be materialized e.g knowledge of cooking can be a chef.

Knowledge also means power, people with more knowledge is powerful than the others that have not. Knowledge means influence.

However, to obtain knowledge is not free. We need to pay, where the cost is very cheap. Teacher only talk and student pay based on hours. Education as knowledge education is third sector of economy -a service sector. And in service sector, as there is lack of standardization (unlike industrial sector), the role of brand to improve economic of scale is far very important. The same as the role of mass media.

Massive Manipulation
Well, managing a large scale or in another term require a mass manipulation. The term mass, then translate into Mass Media, Mass Production and The Mass of Everything.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 17, 2016 pada 7:02 pm

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