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What is Energy – A Philosophical Perspective

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Energy is the capacity to do work, which described in diverse form of energy such as thermal, chemical, kinetic, electrical, gravitational.

At the basic level, energy forms can be reduced to four fundamental forces:

  • gravitational > hydro
  • electrical (chemical)
  • kinetic (thermal) ~ weak
  • nuclear ~ strong

Renewable energy can be defined as
“Energy obtained from the continuos or repetitive currents of energy recurring in the natural environment (Twidell and Weir, 1986)

“Energy flows which are replenished at the same rate as they are ‘used'” (Sorensen, 2000)

Sustainable energy source is one that (Refer to 1987 Brundtland Report)

  • Is not substantially depleted by continued use
  • Does not entail significant pollutant emissions or other environmental problem
  • Does not involve the perpetuation of substantial health hazards or social in justice

Boyle 2004, Renewable Energy

What does it mean?

The definition of energy is debatable (which mean the policy implication also vary), for example

  1. Hydropower can be argued as not sustainable energy due to the ecosystem damage and loss of land, methane emission, relocation, situation and flow shortage
  2. Nuclear can be argued as sustainable due to argument that nuclear decay heat might also generated in geothermal energy. (noted majority definition of nuclear is non-renewable energy

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Februari 17, 2016 pada 7:01 am

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