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Formal Sciences: Philosophy, Economics and Math

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Philosophy is Formal Sciences
There is a book on Philosophy of Economics (Don Ross 2014) it explain how ontology and epistemology of economics. There is a book on Philosophy Of Science (Bird 1998) explains about representation and reason of science. And the classic versions there is a book on The Logic of Scientific Discovery (Popper 1935), Philosophy of History (Hegel 1822). And there is a book on The History of Western Philosophy – (B Russell 1945) and Physics Philosophy (Heisenberg 1959). All the scientist all philosopher, from Newton to Einstein.

Philosophy is formal science, philosophy is everywhere. From philosophy of physics, which explain the basic fundamental philosophical question on study of matter and energy (fundamental aspects) and how they interact (logic). To philosophy of history, which divided between critical and speculative philosophy of history. Or simply even a mafia (villain) might have their own philosophy, what is he (description) and what is his logic (motivation). All the business leader is philosopher, and experienced staff is philosopher, he know what is the fundamental most important aspects of his work.

Economics is formal sciences
There is a book on Economics of Business Strategy (Lipczynski & Wilson 2004) it explain how using econometrics approach to develop strategy in business. There is also plenty books on Managerial Economics.

There is a history
There is a book on A History of Management Thought (Morgen Witzel 2012), On Politics – History of Political Thought – (Alan Ryan 2013) and even on A Brief History Of Time (Hawking 1988). There is a history of everything.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 20, 2016 pada 6:03 am

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