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Environment Keyword

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“What is your keyword define what is your method”

A. The things that we are agree: Environment, Energy, Pollutant
I start to realize the importance of having a text book. Text book, help to have clarity and same understanding. For example Botkin (2011) explain that most important aspects of environment are:
1. Environmental Problem: Human Population
2. Environmental Goal: Sustainability
3. Global Perspective, 4. Urbanization, 5. People and Nature, 6. Science and Values

Botkin see environment from perspective of human: human grow & reproduce, human obtain and use energy, human pollute environment (respond and adapt). The perspective that known as characteristics of living things. Cunningham (2010) also see the same perspective, he start with human characteristic: growth and of course population is main issues here.

B. The things that we can criticize: Economics
All the things that we want to criticize should have the opposite (think thesis vs antithesis)
– Transition vs Change
– Technological, Techno Economic Barrier vs Socioeconomic Barrier


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 22, 2016 pada 5:11 pm

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