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Metabolism vs Replication School: Thermodynamics vs Kinetic School

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Metabolism School: Thermodynamic Force: Chemistry Rule
At the very basic level, a life is an energy engine using chemical reactions. It consume energy (catabolism) to build something (anabolism) in mechanism called metabolism. Metabolism school works in our daily life.

Replication School: Kinetic Force: Physics Rule
The replication school works better in explaning the origin of life. As it argues that replication comes first before metabolism.

The two school of origin of life is a beautiful perspective of science. It must be falsified. Although origin of life might be seems unpractical, but it help the development of medicine. It might be not as popular as physics nobel, but Jacques Monod in 1965 receive Physiology Nobel related with the reactions of life.

Another things, urbandictionary definition of metabolism is simple and straightforward (then I realized that it was 593th rank compare with 416th alexa rank)

Ref: Pross, 2003

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Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 23, 2016 pada 6:09 pm

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