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That’s why I should write every day

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Between the last week 15-23 February 2016, I learn several things:

  • Philosophy, knowing that unclear definition might lead to misinterpretation. I ended up with explore the basic definition of things e.g Environment (Cunningham), Energy (Boyle)

  • Approach , understanding how an opinion might provide a biased -notes the classic advice, the more you ask, the more you got confused. I took a week for me to settled down this philosophical approach. My conclusion: understand the end game

  • Method, on how regression can be made to connect between correlation and causation.

Finally, I want to quote this:

Theory in management could be seen as problematic, because for some researchers management is not a discipline. It is perceived as multidisciplinary with many of its early practitioners receiving their training in the social sciences (Pettigrew 2001).

Traditional research on managing pressure focused on positivistic approaches with an emphasis on being scientific and rigorous. This approach often uses quantitative methods with an emphasis on measuring and the use of factor analysis
Research Methods for Business Students 5e – Mark Saunders 2009 (81c)


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 23, 2016 pada 9:52 pm

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