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Why Java is Future of Indonesia and why Jakarta is the ticking bomb

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“Despair not, spare your enemies not, for God is with us”

In 1621, Jan Pieterszoon Coen, founder of Batavia build the city from ash, for Dutch he is a hero, but for Indonesian he is a very bad person -at least as far that I know, and what history teacher teach us from age of 6 to 18. If Coen lives today, and he saw what Batavia has become… well, I think he must be proud, very proud.

Indonesia might be 4th largest country by population with (hopefully) promising 6% growth, but any Indonesian know that it was Jakarta the main engine of growth. It was Jakarta the 6th largest city in the world (TIME, 2011), it was Jakarta that has 16% GDP growth, it was Jakarta that has 15,000 population per Km2. Indonesia is about Jakarta, a strong argument where one also might argue that Jakarta is where 70% money circulated in Indonesia.

Geography Determinism
When Coen build Jakarta, sailing is the only technology that available and port is the only infrastructure. It was Daendels that build Anyer Panarukan Great Post Road in 1808 and lay foundation for Railway (1867), Coal, Oil and industrial revolution in Indonesia.

But the story of relationship between Indonesian and European is not everlasting. Geography is main factor, it was Japan (and of course US) that transform Indonesia in 1970s with large FDI, it was Japan that now Indonesian people favor Japan toward positive interaction. And even now we saw the rise of China, Korea Indonesia relationship growing better.

Well, I hope Coen can give me advise on this situation.

Check: Environment and Imperialism: Why Colonialism Still Matters, Murphy 2009

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Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 23, 2016 pada 12:50 pm

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