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Everybody problem: Data vs Theory, Deduction vs Induction

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In my life I trained for using dogma, standard and rule. My father always told me to wake up early, to clean the leaves in garden. I always trained to report to him that I have doing my chores. I am trained to follow the rule and reporting the result.

But now, there is a thing called theory, where instead asking What I need to do, I should ask Why I need to do that – something that is not common in my life. Instead asking for data, I need to ask for explanation (theory).

And things is getting worst. I was trained to concluded something. If I did not clean the leaves, my father will angry. If I work fast, my father would be happy. But now I need to think that the reason of my father instruction is to teach me responsibility (instead to make the house clean, as my understanding), so I expected to induce that there is other alternative instead taking the leaves to teach me responsibility.

Its about critical thinking. Thinking the way around. But for the rest of my life, I never thought that way. I never criticize.

Well, in my defense, the things that might be useful, is if its applied research. A practical research instead of basic/fundamental research. Hopefullly I can catch up this.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 24, 2016 pada 11:45 am

Ditulis dalam Science

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