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History: When its begin?

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Science Perspective: Its about science that help humanity advances
1300s Renaissance, Florence
Monalisa’s Leonardo da Vinci 1517,

1600s Scientific Revolution
Copernicus’s 1543, Galileo’s 1632, Newton’s 1687

1700s Age of Enlightenment
Louis XIV death 1715 – French Revolution 1789

Political Economy Perspective: Its about the need of power & money that drive humanity advances
1400s Age of Discovery, Porguese
Columbus’s 1492, Portuguese Francisco Serrao 1512 visit to Ternante, 1494 Tordesillas

1600’s Dutch Golden Age
1637 Tulip Mania Peak

1700’s Industrial Revolution, British
1650s Agriculture Revolution, 1750s Industrial Revolution, England

So what cause this
Socio-Economics Dimension: Medieval conflict 1453 fall of constantinople, Crusade War 1095 (the one become trigger)
Environments Dimension: Wave, Plant, geographic (the one that can decided who be the first)


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 28, 2016 pada 10:27 am

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