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Multi Dimensional aspects of energy

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A. What is Energy?
Capacity to do work, to move an object

What is Energy System?
Its coverage of supply, transmission/distribution, and demand (transport, domestics, industry)

B. What is consequences of Energy?
Environmental aspect of energy:

  • Caused: Scarcity of woods (lead to coal), availability of wind (lead to wind turbine)
  • Consequences: Air pollution and GHG

Political-Economy aspects of energy

  • Mechanism: Laura et al (2012) indicating economic background e.g 15% of LUC emissions in Indonesia is due to export.
  • Structure: always an economic driven policy

Social aspects of energy
– Caused & Consequences: Rehman et al (2012) indicating social background e.g inequity in access, skewed specific fuel, skewed supply and vested interest.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 29, 2016 pada 10:51 am

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