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History, Historiography, School of History

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History vs Historiography

  • History is a past event
  • Historiography is academic discipline (its a science like management or antropology)

Historical Method Wiki

  • Historical Method: A method to gather evidence e.g Cliometry, Interview, Oral. All historian agree with this.
  • Disciplines: Paleontology, Archaeology etc. All historian agree with this.
  • Themes: Topics (Military history, economy history, political history), Geographical (Asian, Europe), Period (Medieval, Modern)

School of History: Where conflict happen, and historian is not agree
Historian might agree with the various historical methods, however when it comes to interpretation (conclusion), things might be different. There are several school of history nowadays.

  • Annales School: Emphasis on social
  • Marxist School: Emphasis on politics (class analysis), historical materialism. Later marxism become a method of socioeconomy analysis.
  • Whig School: Emphasis on liberalism that inexorable (impossible to stop)

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