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History vs Philosophy: Why its not useless?

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What is History?
In the university classification, history usually as part of humanism group, although the appropriate classification is as formal science, along with Math, CS, Philosophy and Linguistics.

A. Formal Science: the purest one, no empirical (evidence) method required

  • Math, Computer Science (philosophy of number) Wiki Newell Physical Symbol System Hypothesis, Wiki Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence
  • Philosophy (philosophy of thought)
  • History (philosophy of time)
  • Linguistics (philosophy of number/communication, applied at human)

B. Science, empirical method, focus on theory

  • Natural Science (biology, physics), study of nature (material and living things)
  • Social Science (economy, social, politics), study of human (antropology), people (collection of human/sociology)

C. Applied Sience, empirical method, focus on application (expectation of undergraduate: to work in industry)

  • Engineering (applied physics)
  • Business (applied economy)
  • Medical (applied biology)
  • Arts (applied sociology) e.g Communication, Mass Media
  • Law (applied philosophy)
  • Computer Engineering (applied computer science / applied math)

Why Philosophy is useless and History is not?
Although in most university, History and Philosophy combined in one department, but in general (urban dictionary) philosophy tend to have negative image (e.g The major for people who value education and intelligent thought over silly matters such as getting a job) compare with history (e.g The events of the past, filtered through the minds of the present).

At this moment, my understanding is because history basically “the way we see of time”, while philosophy is “the way we see thought”. Both time and thought is abstract concept, but history is more practical (conceptual) compare with thought.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Maret 1, 2016 pada 1:33 pm

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