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Philosophy of Something (Everything about Something)

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What is philosophy ?
Philosophy works on three domain: Ontology (definition), Epistemology (purpose), Axiology (value). Any person that works on something knows the philosophy of its things, for example.

Philosophy of Air Pollution

  • Definition: There is two type of air pollution (primary and secondary), there is two aspect of air pollution (strategy and tactical) (Vallero, 2008)
  • Purpose: How to control (reduce) air pollution, How to remove air pollution
  • Value: Various e.g related with human interpretation (e.g Ecocentrism, Anthropocentrism, Technocentrism, Biocentrism)

Philosophy of Energy

  • Definition: Renewable vs Fossil Fuel, Constant vs Intermittent, High Density vs Low Density
  • Purpose: Transport-Domestics-Industry, Kinetic-Thermal-Nuclear
  • Value: Various e.g related with physics interpretation (e.g Newtonian, Relativity, Quantum Mechanics)

Philosophy of Project Management

  • Definition: PMBOK (IPEMC), PRINCE2, PBI 9/15/2007
  • Purpose: Time (short vs long term), model (core business vs supporting business), status (permanent vs temporary)
  • Value: Utility (cosmetics vs mandatory)

Philosophy of Nasi Goreng

  • Definition: Component (Rice, Egg, Onion), Process (Spice preparation, Ingridient mixing)
  • Purpose: Meal vs Snack

Philosophy of Patience

  • Definition: Component (An ability to handle pressure), Process (ability to problem solving, ability to decision making)
  • Purpose: Survival vs Operational
  • Value: Egocentric vs Companycentric

Do we need philosophy ?
Any children even 4 years old, know philosophy, what is his toys, how it works, why toys is important. Any animal know its philosophy, know its food, how food will reacts (if poisonuous), the importance of food. Even material has a philosophy, e.g definition of atom, purpose and value/perspective. Philosophy is similar with writing skills, eat, using computer, math, management. Its a formal science, its transferable skills.

So do we need philosophy? not necessarily. Its built in function.

All human is philosopher
Let say, successful businessman, his philosophy is frugality (at least what he called). He believe (thats philosophical statement) that to build successfull business, a person must be frugal (efficient) in any aspects, from design aspects to execution aspects. This businessman built a car, using that principles in all line of his business process (definition, theoretical). Businessman also know how its work, whose the person that he needs to coordinate and talk to, he believe in equality (how to work with people), and what motivating him is he want to have a secure life.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Maret 1, 2016 pada 10:55 am

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