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Why we need to see the bigger picture: Data & Socioeconomic analysis

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Do you think that a socioeconomic analysis method that created in 1850 where human population is only 1 billion, in a period before second industrial revolution can win against third (or fourth) industrial revolution analysis nowadays in post-modern era?

With the power from Kaplan Financial Knowledge Bank and Mind Tools (read internet), the world bring us “Strategic Analysis”, a very powerful tools to discover the world. Where the socioeconomic analysis is the only small tools compare with

As stated in UNICEF Political Economy Analysis of Indonesia
“Decisions on the allocation of scarce resources are rarely made purely on the basis of technical criteria: political and other factors also shape decision-makers’ choices. It is therefore important to understand how and why governments in developing countries prioritise and allocate their own resources (as well as those of development partners), if countries are to achieve outcomes that are financially, politically and institutionally sustainable”


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Maret 1, 2016 pada 2:21 pm

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