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Jargon: Political Economy

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Single Jargon

  • Economy: Any human activities to fulfill its need (bahasa Ekonomi)
  • Economics: Study on economy (bahasa Ilmu Ekonomi)
  • Politics: Any human activities to influence others (bahasa Politik)
  • Political Science: Study on politics (bahasa Ilmu Politik)
  • Social: Any human activities in general (family, marriage, studying etc usually exclude economy activity)
  • Sociology: Study on social behavior (Culture, Education, etc non Economical motive)

Double Jargon

  • Political Sociology: Who rules? How social forces (culture) affect politics (vote participation), how interaction between social (culture) and politics (power) (bahasa Sosial Politik)
  • Political Economics: How to rules? How politics affected by economy, how interaction between politics (power) and economy (money) (bahasa Ekonomi Politik). (alt Political Economy)
  • Socioeconomics: How economy forces affect social values. (Socioeconomic status: position based on income, education and occupation)

Practical Jargon
Its supposed to be Socio Political-Economy or PEST analysis (Political Economy Social Technology) however its to impractical. So people commonly saying is political economy as the strongest force, especially in the policy analysis.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Maret 2, 2016 pada 1:05 pm

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