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Why controversial political statement has a publicity value

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I read somewhere, when people criticize a statement made by some public figure e.g Ministry of Transport prohibit motorcycle taxi, the debate is no longer with the substantial issues e.g the legislation background, but the debate is always on the us versus you.

The reasons as follows:
A. Intentional, public figure need to have a publicity, therefore he stating something controversial
B. Unintentional, public figure unintentionally made a statement

However, in any occassion, what ever the reasons (intentional or unintentional) public always react to fight/against the public figure statements.

How to compete in the free market
Democracy basically is a politics free market, it is a situation where government belong to people, which has a freedom to choose the way its government works. In the democracy there is no a law (no law enforcement), because the power is given to people.

Everything change now. We need to be very careful.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Maret 2, 2016 pada 5:51 pm

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