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What we can learn from Blackberry or Nokia Falls

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Once, Nokia is market leader with Symbian challenging Blackberry BBM. I understand in that situation its a deadlock situation, where Nokia will never develop its own messaging sytem as its architecture-ly different and will kill its own cash cow. Nokia Fall.

Once, Blackberry is market leader with BBM trying to challenge touch screen. I understand the situation as father of keypad phone, it is impossible for blackberry to move to touchscreen.

So what its mean? its mean that the fate of Nokia, the fate of Blackberry is already written in the first day they are born. Nokia for 10 years and Blackberry 5 years. There is nothing they can do.

Once, Honda Motorcycle is market leader, they face Jialing China Motorcycle in 2001. Jialing seems win for like 6-12 month. But history tell us that Jialing fall miserably.

Once, the rise of small car like Peugeot 206, they face Toyota MPV, Peugeot seems win for like 2-3 years. But history tell us that Peugeot, Ford even Mercedes could not compete with hatchback from Toyota and Honda.

Unlike Nokia and Blackberry, Toyota and Honda is win the competition and survive.

So what does it mean? is it disruptive innovation? is it transitional technology?


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Maret 3, 2016 pada 4:07 pm

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