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What is Indonesia?

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A. What is Indonesia? Like every other country, Indonesia is a country in the transition period

Political Perspective: Indonesia is in the midst of an epic transition as it moves from decades of authoritarian government to a new era of democratic opening, from years of secular government to a time of struggle over the role of Islam in public life, and from the breakdown of a “miracle” economy to a search for resilience in the face of global forces. (Emmerson, 2005)

Energy Perspective: Indonesia is reorienting energy production from serving primarily export markets to meeting its growing domestic consumption. Indonesia’s energy industry has faced challenges in recent years from regulatory uncertainty and inadequate investment. (EIA, 2015)

Well, I like this two different definition from Political perspective vs Energy perspective. In political perspective, every interaction is political interaction, which affecting economy and culture – a top down approach. While in energy perspective, its on the other way, its bottom up.

In energy perspective its explain that our energy production is decrease, our energy consumption is increased -regardless whoever lead the government. In regardless the political condition, Indonesia still face political instability and lack of investment.

It is like saying

  • Top Down (Psychologist): Your mind has a problem sir, you can not think well. You seem lack of nutrition, you don’t have motivation. Therefore you will died.
  • Bottom Up (Physician/MD): I don’t care what is in your mind, your problem, your assumption, but I see that your foot is ill, your liver is hurt, your eyes is blur. Therefore you will died.

Or like saying

Energy Analyst: You consume too many energy. whatever is your decision, you will died.
Political Analyst: Your decision is wrong, you consume too many energy. you will died.

B. What does in transition means?
It means that we are change. Either we are in the change or there would be a social change (Wiki).

C. How we know that we are changing?

  • Fuel Transition. The transition from wood to coal in 1860 introduced by Dutch railway, the transition from Coal to Petroleum in 1950 indicating this transition (Bee, 1984) -one of oldest literature in Indonesia Energy Transition. So we are changing.
  • Market Transition. The transition from public to private energy investment (Ozveren, 2008)
  • Policy Transition. In 1990s, there is no formal air pollution policy in Indonesia, but the informal policy is there (Pargal and Wheeler, 1996)

D. What is the purpose that we know we are in transition period?
In short, we can survive the future. We can predict the future, and we can prevent something bad happen in the future, and we can change something for the better future.

Or in other word, we know where we are, we know our mistake, we know the mechanics, we know how it works, we know how its interacted.

Knowing this explanation called theory.

E. How to build
We can work the model, verify and test the model, so we know something (model, calculation, prediction, workflow). This something, and then need to be executed. Which is beyond control of the scientist. Its a social movement/execution.

In reality social movement, is totally different than theory.


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Maret 4, 2016 pada 1:44 pm

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