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What is Life?

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A. What is Life? how its begin
According to biologist, a life is way of things to reproduce. The main purpose of life is to reproduce, therefore all of its function built to support reproduction ability, which the second purpose of life is to eat (obtain and consume energy). The cycle of life is to reproduce and to eat. A single life (individual) is a process from born to died which the main purpose is to survived. A life begin from chemical and mechanical reactions. A dependency of energy is inhereted since the early creation of living things.

According to humanity, A life is interpreted in multiple of ways.

B. How to Live?
To survive, a living things must obtain energy -which the consequences that an individual must use any inherited competitive advantage that he has. A living things like tiger or mushrooms could not sustain without consuming others living things. Tiger must hunt, killed and eat a deer while a mushrooms eat a dead animal or plants. A plants in otherhand can perform self sustain by building its own food using energy from sun, a process called photosynthesis. In other hand, an advance living things like Leaf Cutter Ant build their own agriculture in a their complex sociality structure.

According to humanity, How to live is interpreted in multiple of ways.

C. Why Sociality? how we need it?
Plants is the only living things that can self sustain using photosynthesis, the most advance living things that can grow without any help from others. Thats why plants cannot move, because it does not need to. However being plants is bad, because it all the surrounding forces like wind, ocean wave, cloud and rain is moving. When living things decided to move, they loose their ability to self sustain, they need to obtain energy from others.

Most of living things, might gather energy from other weaker living things -called Food Chain. Or in popular terms it called “Law of Jungle, Every Man for Himself, Survival of the Fittest”. That is why, most animal is subsocial (Solitary). Most of animal is subsociality, they are not living together (cohabit), they live by their own (solitary) just like jaguar or tiger that hunt by themself.

Other advance animal built their own social system which can be Solitary but Social (Communal) e.g Orangutan or Tarsius, they are solitary animal they live together. In some cases they are monogamous. Quasisocial, they perform cooperative care of young. An animal that works together as parents. Semisocial, they build division of labour and caste system. And the most advance one with including overlapping generations is called Eusocial.

According to humanity, society is interpreted in multiple of ways


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Maret 4, 2016 pada 10:33 am

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