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What is Research

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What is Research:

  • Observation – Discovery: If you find a dinosaur bone, you can prove the dinosaur extinction theory
  • Observation – Measurement: If you go to artic, measure the temperature from deepest ice, you can prove continental drift theory
  • Experimental: If you find that you can generate electricity from rotating magnet, you can prove electricity theory
  • Modelling: If you built a prototype of plane that can run smooth, you can prove the flight shape theory
  • Modelling Computer: If you can evaluate the computer model of a calculation for future consumption, you can prove social transition theory
  • Questionnaire: If you ask a number of people on the ownership smartphone, you can prove diffusion theory

But, does reading consider as research? well it is tricky

  • If you find one old ancient book, you can prove the theory of culture development
  • If you read 900 books, you could not prove anything
  • If you read 100 books, making a model (average, word count analysis), you could prove a culture transition theory. Although generally its considered weak as literature review only.

So what is the best way to prove something?
Depending on the budget, however for ‘study’ purpose, at least two method should be used to criticize one theory.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Maret 8, 2016 pada 7:00 pm

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