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Consultant and Manager

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A 52 years old operation manager decided to hire a consultant firm to help him solving the business operation problem. He feels that something wrong with his operation, profit is low, expense is high, business process is slow, competition is fierce.

A 22 years old consultant comes giving an advice, Knowledge straight from his textbook, world class case study, overseas company visit and network relationship. Do you think that Manager will buy Consultant sell’s?

A 32 years old consultant comes giving an advice, Experience from his 10 years experience in similar company, best practice method, couples of industry certification and the same mantra that 22 years old consultant used.

What is more valuable in Manager’s mind? it is Knowledge or its Methods. I think none of Knowledge and Experience is valuable for 52 years old manager. He is the expert in the field. Over selling is bad, always bad.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Maret 9, 2016 pada 1:05 pm

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