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Java, Population Growth

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“Java has received more historical study because of population represent half of Indonesia and centre of political history” (Ricklefs 2001)

“The view that there was exceptionally rapid population growth in Java in the nineteenth century is to an important degree the product of a Europe-centred approach to the history of Java” (Peper 1970) Ref

Java Population
1600 4 million, Reid (History of Modern Indonesia)
1700 5 million, Ricklefs Book
1815 4.5 million (2.2% growth), Raffles Census
1830 7 million, Ricklefs Book
1815 10 million (0.5 – 1% growth), Peper B Paper
1850 9.5 million, Ricklefs Book
1870 16.2 million, Ricklefs Book
1890 23.6 million, Ricklefs Book
1900 is 28.5 million
2015 is 124 million

Diponegoro War 1825-1830
Cultuurstelsel 1830-1870 (JVD Bosch – UU Agraria/Gula)

*Peter Boomgaard, Anak Jajahan Belanda: sejarah sosial dan ekonomi Jawa 1795 1880
Diponegoro War 200,000 people died, (Cholera 125,000 Typhus 600,000) ref

A History of Modern Indonesia Since C. 1200, Merle Calvin Ricklefs

500% every 100 years ref


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