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Why we need to learn about theory?

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A theory is a set of statements that seeks to explain problems, actions, or behaviour. An effective theory may have both explanatory and predictive power. (Schaefer 2013, Sociology)

Durkheim in 1897 develop a theory on the relation between suicide and social factor. Using data in 1869 from France, England and Denmark. The works of Durkheim is a landmark at that time, even he is one of fathers of sociology along with Weber and Marx. However the suicide theory is not the final statement about human behavior, it will be change over time. The Falsifiability or refutability due to two things:

  • People change, therefore theory is no longer valid (Durkheim works might tribute to the role of religion)
  • Variable change, whether its getting complex e.g add another variable such as economy status, neuroscience or getting simple e.g only see biological feature but with larger sample (e.g using big data from social media).

Hindu and Budha culture penetration in Indonesia theory ~ 500 AD
Theory basically its a speculation, an educated guess, a hypothesis that tested scientifically. Here is the samples popular theory on how Hindu and Budha grows in Indonesia

  • Waisya Trader Theory (NJ Krom)
  • Satria War Theory (CC Berg)
  • Brahmana Religious Theory (Van Leur), most acceptable theory
  • Self Learner Theory (FDK Bosch)
  • Sudra Lower Caste Theory (Van Faber)

The fall of Majapahit disaster theory ~1300 AD

  • Kitab Pararaton, banyu pindah disaster 1334, pagunung anyar disaster 1374
  • Serat Kanda and Babad Tanah Jawi, suryasengkala (sirna ilang krtaning bhumi) 1400 Saka/1478 M
  • Guntur pawatugunung disaster 1403 Saka/1481 M (sirna ilang krtaning bhumi)
  • Timun Mas, Jenggala dan Kediri
  • Geological perspective of elisional are

How useful (powerful) is theory
Reading the Jared Diamond thesis on five-point framework (Environmental damage, climate change, hostile neighbors, friendly trade partners, and the most significant society’s response to its environmental problems) is a product of scientific works -which at the best purpose (cynical) is for entertainment.


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