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Anyone can changed history: books, diaries, pamphlet

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In the past (Dec 2014), I made a list that help me to understand the world. First it began with the list of important books in my main interest – a popular one and I made a list from Drucker to Porter – the heroes in popular management from MBA. So I begin to explore the idea from 30 years ago, as old as me, to find that a lot of concept is changing now.

Then I begin to explore from the older periode, like 100 years ago in the beginning of scientific studies of management from Taylor to Fayol. At that time, I believe that 100 years of research is more than enough.

However, as I started to read more. There is a point where I think that idea or person can be more important than a book. An idea from philosopher or an idea from politician might be very important although its only written in an article or pamphlet.


  • 30 years ago is book about Management, 25 Most Influential Business Management Books (Time 2011)
  • 100 years ago is book about Scientific Management, 25 Most Influential Management Books of the 20th Century (Elsevier 2001)
  • 300 years ago is book about Science, 25 Most Influential Science Books

Other Ref:

  • Guardian: Academic Book that changed the world, 10 books that shaped the world
  • Quora: Most influential pamphlet
  • NYPL: 25 books changed history
  • Wiki: Midnight in Paris, Tweleve Books that Changed the World
  • Reddit: 1913 Hitler, Stalin Trorsky, Tito and Freud

Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Maret 14, 2016 pada 9:54 am

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