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What is Energy Environment Research

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Purpose (to understand)
1. By model the causal relationship between agent
2. By simulate the relationship between agent e.g energy and environment
I skip the step one. Instead I focus on step two.

Why Step 1 is skipped?

My understanding on Model is general:

  • General Trend (Country, Technology (Source, Distribution),
  • Sector Trend (Power, Industrial, Transport, Household)

My challenge is taking research on high level issues, since most of research taken on specific issues

  • Instead of energy, it’s used fossil fuel, renewable. Instead of renewable, it’s used solar, wind, biofuel
  • Instead of environment, it’s used air pollution, greenhouse. Instead of air pollution its used NOx, Pb

How to simulate? using emission inventory and supply demand model

How its sufficiency? seeing from semi structured interview on the drivers of energy development model


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Maret 14, 2016 pada 1:43 pm

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