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Why some research is very clear

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  1. GUESSING GAME (SCIENTIST). It guess and simulate correlation. Its explanatory research, its natural science. Its performed in controlled environment. no human involved. (Discovery of new phenomenon, empirical)
    a. guess: arsenic MIGHT kill human (guessing part is difficult, its a protoresults, no one ever guess it before)
    b. method: testing the effect of arsenic to grass (plant) or worm (animal). expecting positive result(correlation between arsenic dosage with death)
    c. result: arsenic 98% kill human, theory

  2. MODELLING GAME. (MATHEMATICIAN). It model and compare. (Discovery of new method)
    a. guess: – (something will be better)
    b. method: – (compare)
    c. results: method, theory

    a. guess: – (something will be built)
    b. method: – (doing)
    c. result: – (product, no theory / replicable concept)


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Maret 19, 2016 pada 7:37 am

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