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Write is one of most powerful things that human can do. We write for ourself, to mark something, as a reminder of something, to calculate, to analyze, to entertain, to fulfil ourself. For peace of mind, for imagination, for happiness. Write even more powerful because it can be used to telling people about something, to communicate something, to express something, to help, to give inspiration, to confuse someone.

As powerful tools, writing can be good, or can be bad. A writer can telling a lie to confuse people, the same lie can be used to entertain people, and even the same lie can be use to inspire people. A writer can write for himself, just like the a person that sing in the bathroom. A writer can write for other, telling people to be patient with their life. A writer can write for other, telling people to fight, telling people to do nothing, or telling people to do something.

An idea can be communicate in the form of writing. An idea can be communicate in the form of body language. An idea can be communicate in the form of screaming. But only writing that can be stored longer, that can be read by more than a single person. Any letter that typed is a nature gift for humanity to survive with the mind that keep telling to do confusing thing.

I write to keep telling my mind to stop thinking uncontrolable. I write to telling my brain to stop doing something bad. I write as a reminder for my self. I write to mark my life. I am write for myself. If I do not write, I am maybe crying all day long, because my brain telling to cry. If I do not write, I do not have a reason to live.

The only necessary reason that I write for other is to help other. It could be used to confuse other. It could be used to help other, as I also only read something that help me, something that help my mind. Something that entertain my mind. But the only necessary reason is difficult to be achieved. So, the only reason that I write for other is that people need something for his mind. The brain need a food to be consumed. There is a need for writing.

The need of brain for distractor is persistent, and it scared out of me. There is nothing to hide, nowhere to run, nothing to do with the your mind. How can you run from yourself. But then I remember there is a pen, a keyboard, a screen that can help to feed the devil inside me, the brain, the mind.

The beauty of writing that it can be used to distract the mind in couple of way. It can be used to force the brain to read something in front of you. It can be used to read something inside your brain. It can be used to write a text in front of you. It can be used to write an imagination inside your brain.

Reading can be active, if you are reading a trafic accident or reading a gambling result. Writing can be active if you are writing for a holiday plan, or writing some friendly chat or joke. But reading can be depressing with all the bad news, and writing can be more depressing if the brain is empty, if there is a bad thing that will be happened.

Most of writing is depressing process. The results is useless, the process is painful, the mind always playing wild. But any write should be coming from inside the heart, should deliver a message, should bring the light. As writing in pain might become the cure for others people mind. The death man write for a better thing.

So, I keep reminding myself that if my most of time is dealing with the mind, and most likely yes. I should learn to control it and the best way to do it is with compose a writing. A simple things that I can do.

So here I am write a 1000 words in 1-2 hours, write anything that come in my mind. The more I write, the more I see that the mind is uncontrollable, it can be defeated, it way to strong.

Fighting the mind is distressed, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Sometimes your mind helping you to compose a beautiful things, but most of the time it telling you the useless thing. By the end of word 100th the angel is rise, but by the end of 750th word the devil is rise. It scared out of me, how the mind keep playing trick out of me.

But again, I am keep telling myself that tomorrow I will win the game. Tomorrow I will met him again, I will fight and I never give up. Its like looking a needle in haystack and the brain called it an art.

So with the power of writing that should not be underestimated, I must be able to put extra effort to do this in long term. Maybe for the rest of my life, finding the best way to deal with the mind through the pen and paper, through the keyboard and screen.

Reading basically is writing into the mind. While writing basically is reading from the mind. Reading is provide food for the brain to be consumed. Writing is also a food for brain to be consumed. Brain, mind, emotion and all the complicated thing that we do not understand, but we can feel.

A writing is a tools, just like meditate as the way to control mind. Its a very long journey. Writing a 1000 words might deliver the same message with 20 words of twitter. Reading a thousand of books might deliver the same meaning with 10 books. And I also know, that writing is just one of option of million ways to live. From watching movie, to listening to music. From playing guitar to cleaning the kitchen.

A peace of mind.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Maret 30, 2016 pada 6:23 pm

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  1. congratulations on the class 5(? wth is it anyway lol)…me always misses my old friends, tokuni omae sa…ogenkite Come on


    April 8, 2016 at 10:43 am

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