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How to read one paper and write 50 words a day

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Yup, it’s that simple. Read one paper and write 50 words. But do it on daily basis.

Let say, in one year we have 12 months, assuming summer holiday is not included. We have like 10 months, each of it’s is 4 weeks, assuming that in easter, christmas and in between we still have holidays. So in a year we have like 200 days.

If everyday we read like 1-2 paper, in a year we can read like 200-400 papers. That is why, if university expect their student to read like 150 paper, I think it’s reasonable.

But even if we can read consistently 1 paper a day, well, maybe if we are highly motivated, we can read more than 10 paper a day, we still need to write what we found. So let assume that university expect student to write like 10,000 words every years, its mean that we write at least 1,000 words per month, or like 250 words per week, or on the other way, its only 50 words / day. Is it easy? well, I let you know, it is not easy.

Writing is not easy. Reading can be performed daily, but Writing only can not. Writing is a lot harder, because it needs, thinking and imagination.

At this moment I have 400 reading list. It’s good.

In terms of writing it’s estimated I can produce like 2,500 words, in the form of paper, in one term. So far it is good. I think the minimum that you can produce in one term is one paper, so this term it should be like two paper.

It also should be produced in the form of paper like another 3,000 words, so if it combined in to three paper, it can produce like 10,000 words per years. Make it three years, you can make 30,000 words. Voila. Hope I am keep motivated.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

April 11, 2016 pada 6:38 pm

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