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Energy Modelling

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What is energy modelling?
Energy modelling is an analytical process of energy system. The interaction between factor that affecting energy and factor that affeceted by energy.

Energy Modelling can be seen as Modelling process, divided by three models (Bhattacharyya, 2011)

  • Bottom Up, Optimization: Markals
  • Bottom Up, Accounting: LEAP
  • Top-Down, Econometrics
  • Hybrid Models

Energy Modelling also can be seen as Scenario Planning / Forecasting Process (Suganthi and Samuel 2012)

  • Time Series (Extrapolating)
  • Regression
  • Econometric
  • Decomposition
  • Bottom Up MOdel: LEAP

Energy Modelling can be seen as classification system (Van Beeck, 1999), (Nakata 2011)

  • Analytical: Top-down and bottom-up
  • Purposes: Forecasting, exploring and backcasting
  • Methodology: Econometrics, macro-economic, economic equilibrium, optimization, simulation and multi-criteria
  • Mathematic model: Linear programming, mixed integer programming, dynamic programming
  • Geographical: Global, regional, national, local
  • Time horizon: Short, medium and long term
  • Data requirement: Qualitative, quantitative, aggregated and disaggregated

What is the benefit of energy modelling?
Energy modelling can be used to select the most suitable implementation, to prevent damage or unsuccessful implementation.

How to choose energy model?
Based on country condition e.g develop/developing. (Urban et al., 2007), (Subhes C. Bhattacharyya and Timilsina, 2010).


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

April 13, 2016 pada 10:24 am

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