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Coal and Energy Transition 1940-1980

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In 2015, Indonesia producing 392 mt of coal, while the national target is 425 mt of coal. However most of the coal produced is exported, where the domestic consumption is only 14.77%. As a comparison in 1940 at the peak of coal consumption in contrast the domestic consumption of coal is around 71% (Oii Jin Bee, 1984).

Currently in domestic allocation, 80% is for electricity generation. In comparison in the past, Coal is used for various usage from Railways 37%, Shipping Fuel 20%, Industry 10% and Power Generation 1%

The transition of oil in Indonesia was more complete, as Oil was indigenous resource in plentiful supply. The transition of oil reach its peak in 1972 where it covers 92% of energy mix.

Coal Timeline:

  • 1860: Introduction of coal fuel ship and coal train
  • 1970: Complete transition

Oil Timeline:

  • 1940: Peak of Coal
  • 1950: Introduction of oil fuel ship
  • 1960: Introduction of diesel locomotive train
  • 1970: Complete transition


  • Market vs Price. How important is domestic market? as local consumer, expecting the lower price of coal.
  • Technology vs Price. Supercritical coal PP might use 30 MPa and 700 degree celcius, but its expensive

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April 19, 2016 pada 11:20 am

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