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sociology-comparisonAny human activity can be described from sociology perspective as conflict of the class (marx) or can be described as harmony (durkheim). Marx see realistic perspective while Durkheim see from idealistic one. But the major flaw is not whether which interpretation is right, the major flaw is trying to construct a model based on human activity. This model is proven in the history as failure.

Combination of perspective that can be used:

  • Big 3 Economics: Smith-Capitalism, Marx and Keynes
  • Big 3 Sociology: Marx-Class-Conflict, Weber-Social-Action, Durkheim-Functionalism ref
  • Big 3 Innovation: Marx, Schumpeter-Creative-Distruction, (Drucker?), (Edison is inventor)

Let says Indonesia, the current situation in Indonesia can be described from transitions theory, as the country that in progress, from old technology to new technology. In order to have a smooth transition, a good governance required -in the term of transition management


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

April 20, 2016 pada 9:05 am

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